GVS Toolbox Interactive Documentation

The GVS toolbox is a series of methods and procedures for processing eye-tracking data.

Source code was written mostly by Samuel Rivera and Hyungwook Yim, with input and dicussions from several other collaborators.

Download the GVS Toolbox Here.

See README.txt for installation instructions and credits. Supplement.pdf gives many details and a case study using the toolbox.

Matlab Directories

Matlab Files found in these Directories

autoLabel calcLatencyRelAOIFixDist findRedundancies runSVMLeave1Out
calc2Dist calcLatencyRelAOISacDist findVarForBestIdx scaleEyeTrack
calcAOIFixDensityDist calcPairwiseDistances getLeave1OutLabels smoothTracks
calcAOIFixDistHistDist codeFixationsDist kalmanMissingData sortVariablesANOVA
calcAOIFixDurationDist codeSaccadesDist loadFromTable sortVariablesLR
calcAOIFixSequenceDist combineBothEyes mixRGBAndGray sortVariablesNB
calcAOISacDensityDist describeVariables normc viewAOILandscape
calcAOISacSequenceDist exportToTable repmatC visualizeTrackDist
calcDistTraveled extractVarsDist runLDALeave1Out
calcIrrRelSeq filterEyeTrackInfant runLRLeave1Out

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