I did my PhD in Electrical Engineering with a focus on pattern recognition and statistical learning. My main research involved computer vision algorithms for shape and object detection. I also collaborated with cognitive scientists to understand emotion perception from faces and develop models of concept learning over development. I developed tools for applying pattern recognition methods to gaze data. I ended up doing a postoc with those collaborators to dig deeper into those models. It was a very fun and productive time. That’s where I got experience designing and executing my own neuroimaging (EEG) and eye-tracking experiments.

Professional Life

As a research engineer, I have been involved in all stages of research from grant writing to deriving novel solutions and collaborating with other engineers to deliver code or publications. I have been doing more mentoring recently, which I enjoy quite a bit.

Passion and Philosophy

It’s important to keep a growth mindset and to strive for steady incremental improvement. I try to get a little better with every project and take challenges as an opportunity to grow. It’s kind of amazing that I get to write code and work with very smart people for a living. It’s exactly what I want to be doing.


Cycling when warm; Snowboarding when cold; Videogames with my dog; Toy projects now and then.


  • Latinos in STEM panelist, September 21, 2020

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